KEON is a civil engineering consulting firm operating in the Eastern Cape Province of the Republic of South Africa. Our young and dynamic team of professional engineers are best suited to deliver on projects by fostering strategic relationships and partnerships with key Client bodies and stakeholders in the larger engineering and built environment sectors.

KEON is a 100% African black owned company operating from Port Elizabeth and stretching out to all the major business centers in the Eastern Cape Province including rural areas. Our mobility and ability to link with communities provides us with an advantage to more fully meet the needs of any project than most of our competitors. Our people are well trained, experienced professionals who are committed to achieve excellence in projects. They are committed to be part of the social and economic upliftment of societies in South Africa and on projects they are involved with in particular. Our ownership policies have links with our employees and in-turn has direct links with disadvantaged communities. We therefore understand better the spirit and policies of the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE) and Small, Medium and Micro-sized Enterprise Developments (SMMEs).

Our complement of professional, highly skilled, competent and incredibly talented engineers, technologists, and technicians have a combined experience of more than 50 years in civil engineering design, investigations, specifications, documentation, contracts procurement, construction quality monitoring, contracts administration, project close outs, maintenance and many other aspects of civil engineering and the built environment professions. We continuously aspire to remain professional and reliable. We provide cost effective solutions and assist our Clients to achieve their goals on time and within budget. We acknowledge the need to continuously equip our people with the best tools, knowledge, and best engineering practices of the day by embarking on specific value additive training programs.



We provide cost effective, innovative professional service solutions that are appropriate to Clients’ needs in South Africa. We use internationally recognized best practices to continuously polish our expertise and deliver projects on time and within budget. Through the training, motivation and taking deep pride in working for KEON, our people consider us as a good company to work



A leading multi-disciplinary engineering service provider in Africa.

“Partner with us and together let us innovate and create using nature’s vast resources of material and energy combined with principles of science, mathematics and latest means of technology to enhance humanity’s benefit whilst preserving the needs of future generations.” – G T Kucherera



Edith is a design structural engineer with 10 years' experience in structural engineering design, construction monitoring and investigation of building structures of reinforced concrete and structural steelwork.


Engineering Technician

Sihle is a young, energetic and enthusiastic civil engineering technician and has been assigned to be a “jack of all civil engineering trades” in order to maximize his experiential learning. He has proven to be a potentially competent civil engineer/technologist.


Managing Member; Principal Structural Engineer

Grant Kucherera is a versatile civil / structural engineer with Fourteen (14) years of experience and specialises in structural engineering. Grant is highly competent with construction feasibility studies, concept designs, detailed design, documentation and procurement, contract administration and construction quality monitoring of projects.



Josslyn Staffen is experienced in All administration work, bookkeeping, tender compiling


Structural Engineering Draughtsman

Leonard Bhasvi specialises in structural engineering. Leonard has good competence level with building and civil structures drawings for planning, measurement, tender and construction. His key experience includes:  Draughting and detailing of structural steelwork buildings, staircases, roofs, etc.;  Site inspections, site meetings